Institute of Neuro-Semantics Europe


Individual commitment to group effort – that is what makes a team work, a
company work, a society work, a civilisation work.
Vince Lombardi

Ground Rules for the NS Members (work document)
1. Move in the same direction (forge a clear, common goal)
To do: short, clear, action-oriented goal.
If the team can’t “see” it, the team can’t do it.
What is our goal?
If goal is clear – is it feasible?
2. Everyone knows what to do
Skills and responsibilities
3. How to avoid problems – looking into the future
4. How will we work together – how do we want the team experience to go?
5. How will we deal with new members?
6. Our collaboration, How will we understand collaboration. We know that
solving a problem in a group is different than solving a problem as an individual.
7. Bring ideas to life. Will we be able to generate a number of ideas. Ideas that
may be so unique and insightful that they surprise!
8. How can we become creative? Can we be silly and creative?
9. Decisions: How will we make decisions can we do that efficiently and
10. Can we share a view? If the spirit of collaboration is to get the team to put
creative and interesting ideas on the table, consensus is the process of getting
the team to select the best possible idea and go with it.
11. Disagreement: Nobody likes disagreement.
The fact is that people are different; everyone on the team is starting from a
different place, different education, jobs, experience, likes and dislikes. What is
important to someone may be unimportant to you. What is clear to you might
be vague for someone else. However, it is the differences between people that
make the life of a team vibrant, interesting and rewarding.
The thing is to deal with the differences without becoming emotional.
12. Conflict: accept the common goal – rivalries and politics should be parked
at the door – Practice listening to see things from their perspective
13. Manage differences: Work with facts, probing questions and leave emotion
out of it.
14. Trust each other: When trust is lost it becomes difficult to work together.
15: Good meetings
16. Assure members feel valued – say thanks for the work etc…
17. No one is dominating!
18. Will we call for help when we need it?
Thank you for sharing you thoughts and to help us to put our rules in a
document that we can use when necessary