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ACMC Accredited Meta-Coach Training

Achieve Peak Performance Professionally & Personally 

Trainer L. Michael Hall – Co-Trainer Germaine Rediger

The only way to stay viable in tough economic times is to make yourself more valuable by developing the very skills that will make you positive, resourceful, and resilient.
 In a day when the hard stuff of business is now the “soft” skills of leadership, coaching, motivation, persuasion, state management, attitude, creativity, innovation, and so on—the solution is to actualise your highest and best and take your performance to new levels. 

Yes, that’s what Neuro-Semantic training is all about.

Join the Meta-Coaching Revolution!

Our courses and seminars are inspiring, challenging and will give you a new perspective on coaching and communication.

Be a part of this, as we explore the genealogy of NLP, NeuroSemantics, Self-actualisation and the Meta-Coach training.

The 2019 ACMC Meta-Coach Training in Belgium is the training to attend! 

We will spend days on building your business model, talking to expert coaches and coaches who have been in business for several years. The Neuro-Semantics vision is to present the newest coaching models that are designed to get results in turbulent times and in a way that is interesting and valuable for yourself and your clients. To achieve that vision, NeuroSemantics offers you the most recent coaching methodology. 


Our unique coaching methodology is based on models from behavioral sciences, psychology and NLP (Neuro- linguistic programming). This well-proven method uses the “Meta-States Model”, developed in 1994 by Michael Hall Ph.D. which expands our knowledge on selfactualisation and personal development to a meta-level, above the average. You will learn the connection with yourself and reprogram yourself as you have never experienced or done before. 

Become a leader, manager, coach who embraces the new times and new mentality. Our training guides you to effectiveness, new leadership and the ability of turning change into a positive quantum-leap for you and your environment.

The Meta-Coach Training System

Module I: 

Coaching Essentials

Introduction to basic NLP

Support skills for rapport and empathetic connection with clients. 

Listening skills for detecting patterns and identifying leverage points.

Precision questioning skills for clarity.

Profiling skills for reading people.

State skills accessing states and emotional intelligence and management.

Anchoring skills for facilitating change for personal resourcefulness.

Module II: 

Coaching Genius (or APG)

The Meta-States Model 

The structure of meaning for mastery Asking layers of Meta-Questions The Step-Back Skill 14 Coaching Patterns Step into “the Zone” of mastery at will Eliminate negative states Blow-out Excuses.
Neuro-Semantics takes NLP to a higher level by modeling self-reflexive consciousness—the human kind of consciousness. The Meta-States model enables you to work with and track the logical levels that a client jumps to track the inner communication “in the back of the mind.” 
This training applies the model to the structure of the “flow” state for being “in the zone.” You can now be fully present and engaged anytime that you choose. Experience 14 powerful coaching patterns for unleashing your potentials.

Module III:

Coaching Mastery ACMC Coach

Bootcamp Covering the next 5 Models of Meta-Coaching.

This training provides the most cutting-edge models that now exist in this field. By developing competency with these tools you will be able to enter the field or use for your own personal enhancement.
The Axes of Change model
A non-therapeutic Change Model. Facilitate multiple level generative change.

The 8 Coaching Roles of a Change Agent

Know where you are with a client and what to do next.

The Matrix Model

A systems model of cognitive-behavioral and developmental psychologies. Work systemically with the human mind-body system. Follow a client’s energy in the system Identify leverage points for Change. Gain rapport with the client’s frames. Discover how to step in and out of your own Matrix of meaning frames.

The Self-Actualization Quadrants

Synthesize Meaning and Performance and discover the Self-Actualization Pathway Facilitate self-actualization for unleashing potentials in yourself and others Diagnose where a client is in terms of actualizing his or her highest potentials.

The Benchmarking model

Operationalize intangible concepts Establish metrics for measuring success (and create credibility) by grounding change. Have your Coaching Skills benchmarked.

The Facilitation Model

Because we facilitate the inner and outer resources of a client to an agreed-upon outcome, Coaching preeminently is a facilitation. Discover ten coaching processes Develop competency in facilitating.