Institute of Neuro-Semantics Europe

Reflections and Future Developments of NLP

From The NLP Leadership Summit
January 2016

Imagine twenty-nine NLP ‘elders’ from across the world
coming together to talk…
To talk about NLP and its future…
To talk about their hopes and visions as to what NLP can become…
To talk about what happens next.
Imagine no international borders.
Imagine helpfulness instead of hierarchy,
Imagine playfulness instead of posturing
and participation instead of positioning.
Welcome to the 2016 Leadership Summit ‘Colloquium’.
A Quick Background
Back in 2012, a collection of NLP ‘elders’ were invited to gather in
London at the NLP Conference. This was the first meeting of the
‘NLP Leadership Summit’.
An elder, in this case, is defined as somebody who:

  •  Has 15 years minimum experience in the field of NLP
  •  Is recognised as a Leader in NLP (either as a trainer and/or
    someone who is leading people to NLP rather than standing
    on the apex)
  • Is willing to sign up to the declaration, purpose and values
    (published on the website
    Soon, more elders were invited and the list from around the world
    currently adds up to about 130 people (listed on the website). The
    group have met again each year at the NLP Conference.

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