Institute of Neuro-Semantics Europe

Cultural Creatives

Paul H.Ray PH.D. and Sherry Ruth Anderson, PH.D.

Imagine a Country the size of France suddenly sprouting in the middle of the United States. It is immensely rich in culture, with new ways of life, values, and world-views.It has its own heroes and its own vision of the future.Think how curious we all would be, how interested to discover who these people are and where they  have come from. In Washington and on the Sunday morning news shows, politicians would  certainly have strong opinions about what it all means, and pundits would be expressing their views with their usual certainty. Businesses would be planning strategies to marketto this population, and political groups would be exploring alliances. The media, of course, would be blazing with the first-person interviews and inside stories of the new arrivals, instead of the latest Beltway scandals.

Now imagine something different. There is a new country, just as big ans as rich in culture, but no one sees it. It take shape silently and almost invisibly, as if flown in under radar in the dark of night. But its not from somewhere else. This new country is decidedly American. And unlike the first image, it is emerging not only in the cornfields of Iowa but on the streets of the Bronx, all across the country from Seattle to St. Augustine. It is showing up wherever you’d least expect it: in you brother’s living room and your sister’s backyard; in women’s circles and demonstrations to protect the redwoods, in offices and churches and online communities, coffee shops and bookstores, hiking trails and corporate boardrooms.

Shaping a New Culture…